Michael Trickey will speak about home buying at your event

Michael Trickey is author of the best-selling new real estate mortgage book, Finding Home: Everything You Need to Know – And Do – For Home Buying Success. Mike is a CPA, and an expert in residential real estate finance transactions. With 36 years of experience in the field, he can help those in your audience to more responsibly purchase and finance the largest single asset most will buy.

Mike will come on your show or to your event and talk about common challenges first-time homebuyers face and how to overcome them. These include challenges with obtaining a down payment, dealing with high credit card and student loan balances, and where to get the right kind of mortgage loan. He will also discuss the impact of current events, such as recent increases in mortgage loan interest rates, trends toward multigenerational housing, and likely impacts of the new Administration’s housing policies.

Mike wrote Finding Home to help his readers through the entire home buying process. He breaks the myriad of steps into bite-sized tasks. He takes the mystery out of the specialized terms and jargon.

Mike can speak to your audience about:
1. Assessing their readiness, financial foundation, and credit
2. Determining how much they can comfortably afford to pay for a home
3. Budgeting to be a homeowner
4. Finding lenders who offer the mortgage loan programs suited to their situation and needs
5. Getting pre-approved for a mortgage loan
6. Determining their wants and needs in a home
7. Working through where they want to live, from state to city to neighborhood to home
8. Finding good homes for purchase that meet their wants and needs
9. Exploring neighborhoods and homes
10. Working with a realtor
11. Preparing and negotiating a contract
12. Getting their mortgage loan
13. Inspections and pre-closing preparations
14. Closing on their home
15. Things to do before moving
16. Moving in and securing their home

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