Starting Your Home Search – Finding the Right Location

Chapter 6 provides a detailed case study of how to determine the hierarchy of your needs and wants regarding the location of your home, and how to narrow in on the state, area, county and city best suited to your needs.

6-1      Where Should You Buy Your Home?

6-2      Deciding Where to Buy – Case Study.

6-2-1 Setting Out Your Priorities.

6-2-2 Maps.

6-2-3 Online Search of Community Information.

6-2-4 Online Home Search Sites – Initial Filters and Searches.

6-2-5 Some Key Community Considerations.

6-2-6 Area Amenities.

6-2-7 Schools.

6-2-8 Community Government Plans and Statistics.

6-2-9 Flooding.

6-2-10 Other Community Factors.