Chapter 8: I Want That Home! What Comes Next?

I Want That Home! What Comes Next?

Chapter 8 takes you through the process of writing and presenting an offer, negotiating contract terms, and steps needed to clear any contract contingencies.

8-1      Prepare and Present a Well-Constructed Offer.

8-2       Negotiate.

8-2-1 Clearly Determine What You Want to Achieve in the Negotiation.

8-2-2 Present Your Offer in a Professional Manner, and Be Prepared to Negotiate.

8-2-3 Understand the Market Climate.

8-2-4 Manage Your Contract Contingencies.

8-3      Sign the Contract.

8-4      Getting a Formal Inspection.

8-4-1 Home Inspection: Finding an Inspector.

8-4-2 What Should Be Included in the Home Inspection?