Saving Enough for Your Down Payment and Closing Costs

Chapter 4 introduces you to the concept of financial leverage and shows you how to multiply your savings base to buy the best home you can.  It talks about budgeting and tools to help you keep track of income and expenses.

4-1      Financial Leverage.

4-2      Set Savings Goals.

4-2-1 Determine Your Savings Needs.

4-2-2 Establish a Savings Plan and Establish forma Savings Account .

4-2-3 The Retirement Portion of Your Saving Plan – Help from Your Employer and Uncle Sam .

4-2-4 Some Other Tips to Help You on Your Savings Journey.

4-3      Creating a Budget – Taming the “Fuzz and Blur”.

4-3-1 Everyday Expenses.

4-3-2 Budgeting Savings into Your Everyday Expenses.

4-4      Track Finances with Personal Accounting Software such as Quicken or MSN Money.