The following chapters are organized in a logical progression but are designed to stand on their own.  To help you translate the concepts presented into real life, you will be following a young couple, Jack and Eva, through the home buying process along with some great help and advice from Jack’s father, Mike.  You can see how they use the tools and fill in the forms that you can download from this site, which will give you a great example of planning, finding out how much you can afford, budgeting, choosing locations and the home right for you, making an offer, getting a mortgage loan,  purchasing, closing , moving in, and making your new home your own.

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Chapter 1 – Thinking About Buying a Home
Chapter 2 – How Much Can You Afford?
Chapter 3 – Your Credit History and Score
Chapter 4 – Multiplying Your Buying Power
Chapter 5 – Borrowing To Buy Your Home
Chapter 6 – Starting Your Home Search
Chapter 7 – Neighborhoods and Homes
Chapter 8 – I Want That Home! What Comes Next?
Chapter 9 – Pre-Closing Preparations
Chapter 10 – Closing
Chapter 11 – Packing and Moving
Chapter 12 – Become a Homeowner