Chapter 7: Looking at Neighborhoods and Homes

Looking at Neighborhoods and Homes

Chapter 7 builds on Chapter 6 and moves to finding the neighborhood and home best suited to your needs.  It provides detailed neighborhood and home feature checklists.  The chapter talks about how to best work with a realtor.

7-1      Returning to the Home Search Sites.

7-1-1 Neighborhoods.

7-1-2 Jack and Eva Explore Neighborhoods.

7-2      Working with a Buyer’s Agent Realtor.

7-3      How to Find a REALTOR® that Works for You

7-4      Attend Home Walk-Throughs/Showing Appointments.

7-5     Examine Homeowner Disclosures.

7-6      Peruse Online Sites to Learn about Your Property and Transaction History.

7-7      Prepare and Compare Your Checklists.