What features do you want in a home? Where do you want your home to be? What do you really need, what do you want, and what would be nice to have? How do your needs and wants match up with what you can afford to pay, both upfront and on an ongoing basis? You have a lot to consider. Finding Home will help you work through the questions, arm you with information, and help you to arrive at answers that are right for you.

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Congratulations! You have taken the first step to finding your home.

Everything you need to know - and do - to make

buying your first (or next) home a success

Buying a home involves preparation (research, savings, and soul searching), tools (websites, data, forms, checklists, and people) and processes (walk-throughs, negotiations, mortgage loan approval, and closing the deal) that will lead you to a home that meets your needs and budget. The Finding Home book will help you navigate the home-buying maze by giving you guidance, answering questions, and helping you feel confident before you take your first steps.

In this book,

you will find insights and tips for first time home buyers and seasoned investors alike. It is a guide that you can reference any time questions arise, and it incorporates new attitudes, technologies, laws, demographic trends, environmental concerns, and economic realities. Recognizing that changes in these areas are nonstop, I have created this companion website that includes updates, answers to frequently asked questions, an extensive glossary, recommended websites, calculators, downloadable forms, and more.

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David T Applegate II, MD

David T Applegate II, MD

"Outstanding! I wish I had this book during my first home purchase or any of the three thereafter"

Sean Low

Sean Low President, The Business of Being Creative, and Recent Homebuyer

“Simultaneously informative, engaging and entertaining. Michael Trickey speaks to the audience of young home buyers with wit and intelligence. Get this book and then get into your own home. You will be glad you did.”

Steven Herrmann

Steven Herrmann CFP, ChFC, Mass Mutual Financial Group

“Finding Home is the most comprehensive guide to home ownership available, covering both the practical and the psychological aspects of buying and owning your piece of the American dream. A must-read for the inexperienced and the experienced alike!”

John Gore

John Gore Retired Educator/Coach

“I have spent over forty years coaching young people, mostly at the high school level. One of my goals each season was to contribute to the growth and maturity of each student athlete. Through his book, Michael Trickey likewise strives to help young adults become more educated, confident, and prepared as they choose to become home-buying members of society. Most people want to do things well the first time, but just need a little guidance. This book helps to guide its readers down a well-marked path to successfully purchase the right home for them.”

Richard Termuhlen

Richard Termuhlen Attorney

"Buying your first home is unfamiliar territory, and Finding Home is the map you need. This handy guide to the players, paperwork and processes is organized so that each chapter can be read independently. Even veterans of the housing market will benefit from practical advice on finding the right home and neighborhood, saving for the down payment, and calculating how much house you can afford."

Janice Ramocinski

Janice Ramocinski CPA, Co-Founder and former COO of Kondaur Capital Corporation

“Two thumbs up! Michael Trickey has written one of the most thoughtful, interesting—and comprehensive—books about the home buying and financing process I’ve read in twenty-five years in the mortgage industry. It is an emotional and practical guide that every parent or grandparent should give to their child or grandchild. Following Jack and Eva on their path to responsible home ownership is more than educational; it is thoroughly engrossing.”

Michael Benhase

Michael Benhase Seven-store Dunkin Donuts Franchisee

"Finding Home is a powerful tool for all home buyers, especially first-timers. Michael Trickey presents an easy-to-read, yet highly comprehensive, step-by-step process that encourages careful thought and consideration for each phase of the home buying process. He replaces the mystery of home buying with clear objectivity. I wish I had a guide like this when I bought my first house!"

Ralph Aguirre

Ralph Aguirre Principal, PA Advisors, LLC

“Michael Trickey keys in on the fundamentals of the entire home buying process. From making sure that you are mentally ready, checking your financial wherewithal, getting your credit in order, budgeting, qualifying for a mortgage, figuring out where you want to live and what kind of home you want, making an offer and buying the home, moving in, and even having a housewarming party, this book covers it all.”

Michele Trickey

Michele Trickey Product Manager

“It’s really convenient that my dad wrote this book just when I was starting to think about buying a home for the first time. There aren’t any other good guides on the market—mostly you see web pages that are biased or only deal with a specific piece of the process. This book is organized, unbiased and detailed. My friends and I are eating it up.”